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Proton Bus Simulator 2020: A Beta Version with Dozens of New Features and Mods

MEP, our founder, wanted to create a bus game or simulator since a long time ago. By that time there were no bus simulator on the market, people played with bus mods in GTA San Andreas or in truck games. But it was very hard learning how to model and how to code the game. The desire never died. With lots of difficulties, we are here, making it now. There are plenty of bus games out there, of course. Proton Bus may be seen as just one more. We don't think this way. Each game is unique, each project has its own merits and pitfalls. Proton Bus has many innovative features, like having a truly free version for PC (others are all to buy) and bus modding support on Android. This is very rare to find!

Making a bus simulator from scratch involves a lot of persistense, dedication and study of many tools available for this task. For several years we've been watching tutorials and getting crazy before making a single button to work. This project's idea has been around since 2014! It got a huge speedup in 2016 with daily work. Now we have a huge progress, but still there are many things to come. Every week a new part of the internal system is made. It's not a dream anymore nor an empty promise. It's already a reality.

proton bus simulator 2020

We plan a Brazilian bus simulator inspired by some big cities starting with São Paulo, with lots of realistic and detailed buses available for the player. And better, with bus modding support! Many of existing bus mods projects could be converted to Proton. Multiplatform, even better... Play it on PC with Windows, Mac or Linux, or on your Android phone or tablet!

The payment for this project is like a sponsorship for its development, please don't understand it as a traditional selling. We are extremely honest and transparent. This simulator is under construction, it lacks many features and it has many bugs and still incomplete features. The joystick support does not work with all devices, minimum requirements are not known yet (it needs a gaming PC or a high quality smartphone), the traffic system is not that great for now, etc. Pay for it only if you have already played it and believe in is potential for long term. This is an indie game made with our free time, as a hobby. It's very hard conciliating our personal lives and jobs with the development without having a company. If we get many payments we could have our own gaming studio, but this does not suddenly happens.

This project exists since 2016 and we study to make it since 2014. It won't be cancelled, except for really huge problems that may appear without our control, like a war or health problems. We are really committed to this simulator project, no matter what happens we will do it. Marcos with the urban or city version (PBSU) and Victor with the highway/coach one (PBSR).

VERY IMPORTANT: when paying via Google Play, the game's password is not automatically generated because Google does not inform us your e-mail address. The premium state is automatically enabled on the same device where you have paid. But to receive the password for restoration or PC, you must contact us by sending the invoice number that Google will provide you. Send it to for the urban/city version, ou for Proton Bus Road (coach/highways). This code generally begins with GPA... It comes on the same e-mail that you have used on Google Play. This code may also be retrieved by going to Access it using the same account that you use on Play Store. Without the GPA or the invoice number we cannot process your request.


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